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Reviews of Voodoochilli

Advanced Photoshop

Advanced Photoshop Magazine
Imagine Publishing Ltd

Issue 84 - July 2011

“Thinking outside the box is easier said than done, but husband and wife team Harry and Becky O'Connor had no problem when it came to their art site and design company.”


Advanced Photoshop

Advanced Photoshop Magazine
Imagine Publishing Ltd

Issue 36 - November 2007

“A community founded by artists, Voodoochilli.net was set up in 2002 to showcase the work of just two people. Sensing that other students were struggling to be seen, the site has grown hugely in the last five years. It’s a hotbed for new talent where you can upload a gallery and CV for free and browse work by thousands of members.”


Computer Arts

Computer Arts Magazine

Future Publishing Ltd
Issue 131 - January 2007

“Every once in a while someone fulfils a creative’s dreams – and this site comes pretty darn close. Voodoochilli is a resource e-zine for artists, a meta-tagged and searchable database, an online CV and portfolio window, and a superb creative community site.”

Advanced Photoshop

Advanced Photoshop Magazine
Imagine Publishing Ltd

Issue 32 - July 2007

“Voodoochilli.net is a free online portfolio for artists and anybody who's interested in the visual arts. All members are given five reusable uploading credits [now seven], so you can alter your images and add a CV for free. If you require a larger portfolio you can buy more space for a very reasonable £2. ”


Advanced Photoshop

Advanced Photoshop Magazine
Imagine Publishing Ltd

Issue 19 - June 2006

“If you're looking for a site where you can display your work and see other people's creations for free then Voodoochilli.net is well worth checking out.

With nearly 3000 members [now much more] displaying their portfolios and CV's, it's a handy resource for people wanting to buy or commission an image. The site also allows you to make comments on it (which is a great way to get feedback for all your budding Photoshoppers!)”



Tech savvy educator

“VoodooChilli.net claims to be “Your art portfolio on the net.” And they do a great job of providing that service.

This is an artist community to post images of your art work. The site is free to peruse and free to post, though they do encourage donations.”

Custom Writing

“Voodoochilli.net is more than a website where an artist can host own portfolio and CV absolutely for free. Voodoochilli.net is an online community where users are empowered by multiple communication options including voting for artworks (such as fine art, illustrations, graphic design, collage, digital work and many other), chatting on the forum, sharing advice with other members of the online community.”

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