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The History of Voodoochilli

From humble beginnings, Voodoochilli has come a long way over the years and continues to grow, supporting more and more artists.

When the site was first created way back in 2002, there were but a few art sites showcasing artists, and many of them required your artwork to be judged by the owners of the site before acceptance. We were one of the first sites to have a completely open policy, a philosophy that has since been adopted across the internet.

The very first version of the site was a purely HTML affair and it hosted the artwork of just two people - the founders of the site. After a while the site started to receive some attention on the web and people started to email in their own pictures and before long we have over 20 artists on the site.

In 2003, at The Herefordshire College of Art, version 2 of the site was launched which for the first time allowed people to sign up and upload their artwork themselves. Once this was done the site started to grown at vast rate. Within a month we had 100 members and we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. We were interviewed by the BBC and received some reviews in magazines and the site has grown ever since.

By the time we launched this version, Version 4, we were representing nearly 12,000 artists from around the world and the site continues to grow and surprise us.

We try our best to let the site's direction be dictated by it's members and if you have any suggestions, please leave a message on the forum.