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Art Categories

3D Graphics (262)

3D Graphics

3D modelling and design, 3D rendering, computer based visual effects and CGI

Ceramics (141)


Ceramics are generally objects created with clay which can be both functional and non functional

Collage & Montage (206)

Collage & Montage

Artwork created with a mixture of mediums, but focusing on the use of cut-out paper.

Design & Crafts (356)

Design & Crafts

Three dimensional objects created using various mediums.

Digital Art (1,545)

Digital Art

Computer generated artwork of various kinds.

Drawing (1,772)


This is the category for hand drawn images. Digital drawing should be in the Digital Art section of the site.

Fine Art (5,292)

Fine Art

Fine art is a broad category of artwork comprising mostly of painting.

Graphic Design (2,165)

Graphic Design

Graphic design is the art of Visual Communication or Communication Design.

Illustration (2,759)


Illustration is the generic term given to images that have a function.

Jewelry (70)


Jewelry (also spelled Jewellery) are ornaments worn by people on the body as forms of decoration.

Mixed Media (942)

Mixed Media

A combination of various mediums used to create a single art piece.

Photography (2,943)


Digital and traditional photography. Please note that there may be some nudity in the photography category.

Printmaking (187)


There are a variety of printmaking techniques including woodcutt, engraving, etching, lithography and more.

Product Design (209)

Product Design

The design and conception of products often intended for sale.

Web Design (291)

Web Design

Web Design is the process of concieving and designing a website.