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Have something you want to share with the world? Voodoochilli is a great place to advertise! The site is highly targeted to the art and design market and the perfect advertising platform for the following:

  • Artwork for sale
  • Upcoming exhibitions and galleries
  • Art & design related products and services
  • Artist promotion


How much does it cost?

Just 15 GBP per week (that's about $25 USD)

How many impressions will my add get?

Typically your advert can expect to get several thousand impressions per day and we guarantee at least 40,000 impressions per week. That is just £0.38 per 1,000 impressions, and in most cases you will receive more than that. If your ad receives less than that we will continue to show it for free until it reaches that amount of impressions.

Can I advertise for more than 1 week?

Yes, the subscription will continue until you cancel it which you can do at any time.

How do I supply the advert graphic?

We ask for a Jpeg sized approx 520 x 450 px. If you need help with the graphic let us know.

I'm an artist and I don't want ads on my portfolio.

We completely understand, but Voodoochilli is a free service that costs a lot of money to run. You can remove the ads from your page by become a Pro Artist or by making a small donation.

I have another question about advertising with you.

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