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© Nathan Swan

July 2012

Featured artist: Nathan Swan

Artist's quote:

» Art is enigmatic, drawing the viewer in to have an experience. An artists main goal is to portray emotions and feelings that can be identified and understood. Colour is a good conductor of emotions, red represents anger while blue a more somber feel. Franz Kline (an American artist) said that black represents death and white life. A piece of art can be eye catching or thought provoking whether it be a bronze statue or and portrait. Abstraction of art is a means to produce works that are solely based on emotion. It has the ability to get behind or underneath the fabric of a painting, showing raw expressions. In this picture I have tried to convey how I was feeling at the time, using a paint brush and a plastic palette knife. I used oil paints as I feel that they are a subtle medium as they can be easily controlled and have a vibrant colour to them once they dry. «

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© Nathan Swan