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VANITY TOYS Charm Bracelet -

VANITY TOYS Charm Bracelet by Brise Risvegli

This piece is made up of: gold plated findings, some plastic very detailed dollhouse miniatures (some tea cups, a baby yellow baby rattle, a pink hairbrush, a pink hairdryer, a blue bathroom glass containing a tiny toothbrush, a carton of milk, a girlish hot pink sandal, a semitrasparent hot pink teapot, a trasparent hot pink measuring cup, purple moveable non-cutting scissors, a yellow watering can), a cute embossed charm made by *baronessjewels* containing a little baby doll and a big pink rhinestone on its back, an awesome vintage handmade globe pendant w/ gold toned details, enameled little oceans and semiprecious stones continents, a vintage gold plated little medal on which is incised the 4th commandment (Honor thy father and thy some vintage gumball charms (a yellow baby rattle w/ moving little balls, some pink and baby blue mirror, hairbrush and comb, a pink watering can, a green and clear cocktail shaker w/ tiny dices moving inside, a hot pink AB berry bead, a yellow filigree fan, a little toothpaste), a tiny gold plated credit card charm, a vintage plastic round floral pendant, some baby cubes w/ the letters ABC, some antique-style gold plated brass coins, a cute kitty charm, some vintage gold plated spoon charms, a tiny vintage copper toned opening butterfly-shaped locket w/ a floral texture on it, a vintage pink plastic filigree beads, a little clear glass bottle w/ cork w/ a yellow chinese tag containing a dollhouse miniature whipped cream tube, some vintage daisies, a vintage white AB dancer charm, some czech glass and plastic beads in different shapes and colors, and much more to discover!

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