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Steward Of The Harvest Newly Reased Book And Video -

Steward Of The Harvest Newly Reased Book And Video by Stephen J. Vattimo Surealworld

Dear friends, I have just published my first book Steward of the Harvest Description of my book: This book is a collection of spiritual art and poetry by Stephen The artwork and poetry challenge the viewer to open their eyes and ears to the salvation message of Jesus so they can come to a saving relationship with The author attempts through his artwork to convey biblical concepts through the skillful use of symbolism, subject matter and the use of Through poetry, the author aspires to communicate spiritual principles that encourage Christian The writing style makes use of allegory, colorful descriptive language and plays on The writings encourage the reader to find hope in This hope will strengthen them in adversity and enable them to weather the storms and survive the As a result, they’ll be able to replant after the locusts of life have devoured the work of their The book can also inspire and equip Christians to walk obediently and serve So, when Christians stand before the throne of God and give an account for the stewardship of their lives, they as a faithful servant will be able to present a fruitful harvest to the glory of In sharp contrast the unfaithful servants present a harvest of thorns and thistles to their own book is available for purchase on and Barns and book is only available at this time in hardback The book is in full cover and the size is 8"x10" E-Book from is going to be available soon, keep checking Video trailer to promote the

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