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St. John's Site Museum, Innkeeper Landscape -

St. John's Site Museum, Innkeeper Landscape by L.H. Barker

Barker (c) All rights Six new x 36Ēh interpretive historical illustrations, which span 1630-1825, complete the suite of 26 digitally painted pieces for the Johnís Site Museum and the Historic Maryís City The new work will be viewed on a large freestanding large monitor in slide show format that lays/dissolves one piece over the next to facilitate understanding the many subtle and not so subtle period The suite is a wonderful educational tool into the life of 17th-century It reflects the culture, geography, architecture/construction methods, site development and some specific historical events of the time and The Johnís Site Museum represents 4 decades of archaeological research by the Historic Maryís City Commission, On May 29, 2009, Historic Maryís City Commission won the Maryland Preservation Award for Educational Excellence for the Johnís Site

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