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Idolized -

Idolized by Stephen J. Vattimo Surealworld

Well friends, I went to Chads Ford to stand my my pumpkin at The Great Pumpkin Carve,put on by The Chads Ford Historical brought with me a light to shine on my I stood by my pumpkin greeted onlooker and answer was so surprised how many people really like my had work a miracle, because the carve for me was a night started with me sweating like some one was pouring a bucked of water over my I have been having trouble with bronchus , maybe that was part of the I was sweating so bad It kept running into my challenge ,the pumpkin was dry and very tough, i literately broke have my sculpting tools before I was even half way after two hour ,the sun went Even with wear a light on my head I could hardly see my photo that was using as a reference I look up and who do I see but Jeff Wyeth and His wife standing in front of This was go timing for our brief visit,be cause I needed to step back and regroup,because i was about to through my hand up in the air and say I can't finish I have always battle my way through every challenge I face in creating my works of carve took me about 5 1/2 hour to friend this is a live you probably in suspense, to find out what design I try to execute, that almost had me check into Norris town State Hospital? Drum roll would you please? The melted by fire Darth Vader mask,from the move Star Wars The Force may contain: food

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