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Idolized Mask -

Idolized Mask by Stephen J. Vattimo Surealworld

Title : Idolized Mask Medium: Ink on sketch book paper Size: 15"w x 24"h Year: 2016 This is my study of the destroyed Darth Vader the movie Star Wars, "The Force This ink rendering was my design for the pumpkin carving contest held every year at The Chadds Ford Pa Historical Society chose to do this mask because it illustrates what is the ultimate destination for all who chose to live in the darkness of sin,in stead of living in the the light of mask belong to the villain Darth Vader , who die while trying to force his son to join the dark side of the So I thought the destroyed mask over the letters "The Dark Side Of The reflect the Biblical principle " Sin gives birth to by Stephen 24,2016

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